acer iconia 6120 ghost fix
acer iconia 6120 vent fix
acer iconia 6120 ubuntu
toshiba libretto w105 ubuntu
nice logo for omni (c8

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artbj qemu release, osx
artbj qemu sources osx
artbj device tree compiler osx
artbj finder icon installer
realtek wireless for osx 10.x FIXED
ftpdPissOff.tar.gz ftpd by me pissin off ppl.
ftpdDataFlo.tar.gz ftpd by me flowin data 2 ppl. (a must see!)
ftpdMandelbrot.tar.gz ftpd by me flowin mandelbrot. (in color)
ftpdFun.tar.gz for ubuntu 64bit linux flavours

DIY-OS.pdf make your own OS.

found ubuntu badie script autorun on virtual console login
usr lib ubuntu-release-upgrader check-new-release
it puts back tpm .kos and other non-secure I took out of my system.